Dear Siomai

Since the early 2000s, siomai is one of my comfort food. If things go berzerk or I am experiencing a not so shining moment in school, siomai makes me happy. It is a source of comfort and simple joy for me and my friends. It has been like this since then.

During the earlier years of the 2000s, there is a Joe-Kwan restaurant along my way home, so siomai is ever accessible. Not to mention that a Chow King food chain is also nearby, and not be missed out was the fried siomai of Mini-Stop, ditto to the steamed siomai of 7-11. Additionally, when things are quite weird in my old office, Hen-Lin siomai never failed to brighten my cloudy day. So when I feel like having some “emote moments” siomai makes me happier. So I aptly titled this blog series/category as…. Dear Siomai.

Although, I highly enjoy eating siomai, I never knew how to cook it (well, I love foods and eating, but I do not know how to cook, period). So please bear with me as I go on with my very own Dear Siomai anthology here, after all, writing has been therapeutic for me.

The picture here is the screen shot of my virtual café in Facebook. Now I have realized that I never had a picture of my favorite siomai… well, there’s always a next time for a siomai photo ops and eating siomai of course.


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