Manila Streets

I was looking for this street in Manila and it is just amazing that Dad’s Metro Manila map bears the former and new names of the streets. Actually, the map is kind of old, being a 1999 copy; nonetheless, it is still helpful if you would like to check out the ins and outs of the Metro’s streets. It is a much welcome break from my monotonous day.

I have always been fascinated by the City of Manila. It is the City where I gained lifelong friends, it witnessed the ups and downs of late teens, my quarter life topsy turvy moments and like the City itself, I longed and worked hard to rise up once more and conquer new heights. And yes, I wouldn’t say no to a condominium unit (I actually have a preferred address *smiles*) facing the famous Manila Bay Sunset, when most people will prefer the Makati Business District or Bonifacio High Street addresses. (Never mind if the bay is filthy, feng sui will help on that matter, as suggested by Kris, hers pertains to the Pasig River *smiles*)

This fascination started with me being nostalgic with a good imagination of the post war era, and being a plain usi. I have probably poked my nose (and intend to poke some more) in most of the City’s landmark and I highly enjoyed it. Add to this was, when I came across this book (The Manila We Knew, edited by Erlinda Enriquez-Panlilio) which narrates heartwarming stories of how the writers remembered Manila during the American period until the early Republic after the Second World War. As always, I asked Cheen to help me find these street names (and yes, I was able to convince her that there were seven churches in Intramuros and the rust of San Sebastian Church came from the salty breeze of the Manila Bay) which on our last count we only have around seven to ten street names. Thanks to the old map here are the names of the streets (old and new) not just in our original Malate area target, but some other streets which include a favorite and well known street among our college class. And talk about the perfect alignment of the stars, my amazing discovery coincided with the Manila Day of 2010. Here it goes:

Malate Area

•Dewey Boulevard- Roxas Boulevard
•Harrison- Mabini
•Pedro Gil- Herran
•G. Apacible- Oregon
•Julio Nakpil- Vermont
•Felipe Agoncillo- Colorado
•Leon Guinto- Pennsylvania
•General Malvar- Tennessee
•Tirona Benitez- Kansas
•Maria Orosa- Florida
•Jorge Bocobo- Nebraska
•Vasquez- Wright
•There is this street named Indiana and I think it is still Indiana today. It is the street next to Vasquez near Malvar

UN – Paco Areas

•Isaac Peral- UN
•Paco- Town of San Fernando de Dilao
•Paz Mendoza Guanzon St.- Otis

•Maryknoll used to be located in M.H. Del Pilar corner Peral Street
•Assumption used to be located in the now Robinson’s Midtown Mall before moving in Makati
•Ateneo used to be in Faura St.
•St. Scholastica, St. Paul, Sta. Isabel, PWU, PCU, PNU and DLSU are still located in their original places. Taft Avenue was designed to be an institutional zone for colleges.
•PGH is still in its same location.

According to speaker (sorry I forgot his name) from Instituto Cervantes, the old plan of the City includes four parks and the Rizal Park. For your information, the place where Century Park Hotel used to be a park and it is among the four. (The other parks should be located in: Tondo, Malate, Sta. Ana and Sampaloc) As with the rest of the country, due to poor city planning and poor zoning ordinances, we were left with almost nothing of the old houses, parks and buildings.

Quiapo – Sampaloc Areas

•Carlos Palanca St. – Echague
•G. Puyat- Raon
•Claro M. Recto Ave.- Azcarraga
•J. Nepumuceno St.- Tanduay (Yes, there’s a fire station named “Tanduay”)
•D. Romualdez Sr. St.- Marquez de Comilas
•Alfonso Mendoza St.- Andalucia
•N. Reyes St.- Morayta
•Arsenio Lacson- Governor Forbes
•Sergio Loyola- Lepanto
•Jacobo Fajardo- Lealtad
•M. dela Fuenta- Trabajo
•V. G. Cruz- Economia
•N. S. Amoranto Sr.- Retiro
•Antonio M. Maceda- Washington
•Tomas Morato- Sampaloc Avenue
•Broadway- Doña Juana Rodriguez

Tondo- Intramuros-Chinatown Areas

•Nicolas Zamora- Sande
•A. Soriano Jr. Ave.- Aduana (Intramuros)
•Gen. Luna- Calle Real de Palacio (Intramuros)
•T. Mapua- Miserecordia (near Ongpin and the old Popular Bookstore)
•Valeriano Fugoso- Zubaran (near Bambang)

Manila Bridges over Pasig River

•Jones Bridge- going to Binondo. It is the oldest bridge in the Philippines.
•Mac Arthur Bridge- going to Sta. Cruz
•Quezon Bridge- going to Quiapo Church. It was designed by Gustav Eiffel (as in the Eiffel Tower)
•Roxas Bridge- going to Delpan
•Ayala Bridge- going to Legarda

Kuya Kim (feeling close kami? ) in his Matanglawin Show says that Faro del Pasig is the oldest lighthouse and there are thirteen bridges along the Pasig River. The issue on pollution deserves another post.

If you have additional information or stories please feel free to share it with me, I love to hear your Manila stories. Thank you.

PS: I forgot the Facebook post where I got the Dewey Boulevard picture, but it has a watermark on it.


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