An Old Camera

I was doing my pre-Easter cleaning this afternoon when I saw this old Nikon camera. I have no idea how it got inside one of my lower cabinets. My brother actually enjoyed seeing this “ancient” camera and was happy to find out that there is a film inside. Now, it made me wonder, what pictures were taken from that old film. I am not sure if it can be developed, well, the first question is: is there a film developing store out there? Secondly, if yes, can it still be printed? I do not know how long it was stucked inside and I actually forced it to be removed from the film slot.

I remembered using this camera when I was still in grade school and took some pictures of my brother, then 4 years old. It’s cool being allowed by Mom to actually use it even if it means taking pictures of my brother and during field trips.

In line with the good old days, I took this picture together with my Sweet Dreams pocket books. A teen-age love story from Bantam which was a big hit back in the days. Good thing I was able to save some of them, since some of my books were not returned and some were burned down with the 1992 fire that hit my Grandparents’ house. Yes, that’s the first edition of The Bridges of Madison County which I accidentally found out in the small bookstore in Mall of Asia for only P100.00 On your left were chic-lit books written by Pinays and published by Summit Publications. Other books are from UP, and those I’ve rummaged in book sales.

By the way, the old camera was placed on top of a book titled Mga Siday Han dyVL, a compilation of poetry in Waray with translation. Siday according to the book was “originally a poem of praise.” Today, siday is also a term for poetry. This book was published in collaboration with the National Commission on Culture and the Art (NCAA) and I bought the copy from the book fair back in 2009.


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