Of Letters

I love writing and receiving letters, whether by electronic mail or the usual post office mail. There is a different feel when I write or receive a letter by post office mail. This is because, the handwriting is a good proof that one has indeed written a letter, expressing one’s thoughts and emotions.

Just last week, I was clearing up my things and I came across a bag and a small cabinet filled with letters and keepsakes from my grade school, high school and college days, where the internet is unheard of (except when I was in third year college, there is an available internet port in the library) and the fad was a beeper and not text messages. Cellular phone are huge and heavy with no camera, no MMS, GPRS, 3G, touch screen and all these new features.

As I rummage the small cabinet, here are some letters which I would like to share with you.

Letters from my high school friends, whom up to this date I kept in touch with, via mobile phone, landline, email, social networking sites and once in a while lunch or dinner or coffee. Now you know that New Kids on the Block was a big hit when I was in high school.

Long before palm pilots, phone organizers and tablets, I have a Peanuts planner to keep track of my college papers, exams, night outs and uhmmm dates. (hahaha!) Yes, the results for my application for college major was sent through a letter which was printed in a dot-matrix printer.

It’s already the 2000s and the internet is ever accessible. Nevertheless, writing letters are ever personal and it is always something to look forward to. Now, it’s either bank statement or bills in the mail box. So you could just imagine how happy I am if I receive a card from my friend who happens to be a nun with no internet access in the US or a colorful card from my friends here and abroad. I enjoy receiving birthday cards and Christmas cards too.

Before she was known as Mareng Winnie, I got this autographed note from Professor Winnie Monsod when she attended our Round Table Discussions on Women in 1998.

The card Shell gave me, just this month (April 2011) which made me cry.

I truly enjoy all these letters (and more inside the cabinet) and yes, I purposely omitted the love letters from this post, it might be a claim to fame by those who wrote it. (hahaha!)


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