Remembering Lizette

There is a given time for everything and a time for every happening under heaven. A time for tears, a time for laughter, a time for mourning, a time for dancing… A time for war, a time for peace. God made everything fitting in its time. 


April 26- It could have been my friend Lizette’s 33rd birthday. It should be the day where I will post birthday greetings on her Facebook wall and calling her and perhaps singing an off key happy birthday greeting. But just the same, I know she’s smiling down at me right now as I greet her Happy Birthday.

It’s been two months since we lost our friend Lizette due to dengue and organ failure. I could hardly believe it when I received a call from our friend. The world seems to be held at bay for me and my friends when we received the news. We were all in shock and could hardly believe it that someone so young and jolly was already gone.

It such an ordeal going to her wake, me and my friends cannot find the right words to say to each other and were actually dreading to see her, her husband and her family, because it seems so surreal. It is also hard to break the news to our friends who were in the US and Sister Leah has been closest to her. No amount of words could comfort the grief of her family and we all stood there side by side with each other and silently grieving for the loss of our good friend Lizette. The same goes when we stood there when she was finally laid to rest. It seems that time stood still for all of us.

During the requiem mass, the Parish Priest pointed out Lizette’s unwavering faith despite of the trials that comes her way. I truly admire Lizette for that. I do miss her, especially now that I am also battling it out with depression and disappointment. She’s been a good friend to me. She never failed to make me laugh and I miss her thoughtfulness and sweet and inspiring text messages. I truly miss her infectious laughter and her juicy news and her chocolates.

The time for mourning has passed by, as I remember Lizette today, it is now a time for laughter. I know she is celebrating one happy birthday up in the heavens and she’s smiling down at me and saying thank you for remembering her. Thanks Lizette, it’s a pleasure knowing you in my lifetime and you’re one friend I will always treasure in my heart. Enjoy the party up there, no need to send you chocolates, I heard food’s great up there. Please be our guardian angel. God indeed made everything fitting in its time. Happy Birthday Lizette vadz!


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