10 Tiny Countries that Pack a Big Punch

I am in the mood for posting one more list today. Here’s another blog post from Lonely Planet about tiny countries that has their fair share of visitors and amazing places worth visiting.

  1. Monaco, 1.95 sq km
  2. Grenada, 344 sq km
  3. Malta, 316 sq km
  4. San Marino, 61 sq km
  5. Liechtenstein, 160 sq km
  6. Marshall Islands, 181 sq km
  7. Saint Kitts & Nevis, 261 sq km
  8. Maldives, 298 sq km
  9. Tuvalu, 26 sq km
  10. Nauru, 21 sq km

I have added 3 more micro-states in Western Europe which used to be a part of a political landscape of the past.

Vatican City, 0.44 sq km

It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. It is the last of the Papal States. Many visitors visit it annually, both pilgrims and art and history enthusiasts.

Andorra, 467.63 sq. km

This tiny country is situated between France and Spain. Andorrans are engaged in duty free sales of perfumes and automobile among others.

Gibraltar, 6.8 sq km

It has an almost complete internal self government through its Parliament. It has been an important British military base since 1713. The base guards the safe passage of British Ships en route the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Tiny countries that pack a big punch

Mar 10, 2011



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