Magazines and the Ghastly Manila Heat

I am still in what I called “mushroom existence” which means I am neither here nor there. The heat is quite ghastly here on my side of the planet and I think it’s creeping in my mind. Rather than stare at my bedroom ceiling, I decided to read magazines which in one way or the other made my day. Yes, sometimes, you’re power gets blurred by too much heat, so I will just attempt to dislodge my bookshelf perhaps, tomorrow. 🙂

I saw this magazine while looking for some things. It’s my old copy of Vanity Fair with my dear David on the cover. I am so into this guy back in the days (and yes, until now, I googled him once in a while). I have found this link for the article about him in the June 1998 issue, its: This June 1998 issue I think coincide with the showing of the first X-files movie.

And of course my darling Ralph Fiennes. I got this Intelligent Life magazine from my best friend as my pasalubong (keepsake) from her Madrid trip. She saw it on the bookstands of Madrid last year (2010) and decided to buy it for me. She knew that I also love this guy. I have to agree, Ralph is a thesp.  The digital version of the article can be found at: Please excuse my Spongebob bed sheet. *smiles*

I wouldn’t mind him talking about Shakespeare to me (I am no fan of Shakespeare, after all my Literature classes in college and I am still struggling to finish this Shakespeare 101 Spark Notes).

I was passing time at the nearby mall last Monday and I am happy to find these FOOD magazines. What really made me happier was that these four issues were on sale. I am not really into cooking, as a matter of fact; I do not know how to cook. But I love good foods, having grown up with a family who loves to cook and can cook well. Add to this, my friends and I enjoyed going around town trying new dishes and their homes also have good foods.

I had a good time reading the articles and discovering helpful recommendation on restaurants and a thing or two about cooking. These are the May, August, October and November 2010 issues. Their local food tour articles are interesting, because it talks about the town, its people and its delicious foods.

Yes, I did enjoy the August 2010 issue for sentimental reasons. Hahaha! I immediately called my girlfriends and told them that we don’t have the faintest idea that canonigo cake is better with creamy rum sauce. Yum! Yes, we had our canonigo (and other cake) feast before Holy Week.


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