Gael, Ryan and James

Okay, let’s get another post from my old blog. (This was written in November 2010, and I have made some additions in Italics)

Since I am suffering from a self-induced TV and caffeine coma(and I still do right now) , I have got nothing much to do, except accumulate enough oil to fry French fries on my face and stalk some guys which I think is worthy of my 20 minutes attention.

Gael Garcia Bernal

“The talent survives and remains while the beauty is diluted.”

I first saw him in the 2002 film El Crimen del Padre Amaro and from then on I became a fan. He is an intense actor, full of emotions and so dedicated to his craft. Gael acted in six Oscar nominated films which includes: De tripas, Corazon, Amores Perros, El Crimen del Padre Amaro, Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Motorcycle Diaries and Babel.  He’s equally good (but not as intense) in Y Tu Mama Tambien and I have yet to see The Motorcycle Diaries. His recent film was Letters to Juliet, and because of him, I have to see that movie too (after a couple of friends’ recommendation last summer). I love Wiki’s description of him “culturally catholic and spiritually agnostic.”  Gael is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. As of date, he is expecting his baby number 2 with girlfriend actress, Dolores Fonzi. (Gael’s new daughter named Libertad was born last April 4, 2011)

Ryan Reynolds

I gained interest when I saw the Buried movie tarpaulin in the mall, so I decided to stalk him a little and my nose nearly bleeds when I found out that he is married to the equally talented Scarlett Johansson. I didn’t know that he was also in the X-Men movie (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Blade: Trinity and will appear as the lead role in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. This Canadian hottie also appeared in an episode of X-Files, season 3 in 1996 (I didn’t know him them, and yes, I only have eyes for David.J) and if you’ve watched  Scrubs, he also appeared in that show. And yes, he dated Alanis Morisette (whom I thought of was already 40+ years old and it surprises me to find out that Alanis is only 36 years old) in 2002 only to call off their engagement in 2007 (nosey me….). Now, who wants to see Buried with me?

Ryan filed for divorce last December 23, 2010 in Los Angeles. And speaking of the exes, I saw a report about Scarlett Johansson dating Sean Penn in a recent White House dinner. Talk about being nosey and slacking off. By the way, Ryan Reynolds played the role Michael “Berg” Bergman in the late 90s TV sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. I just remembered it when I saw its replay on local TV last year, that’s why he looked familiar to me prior to him being Green Lantern and the Buried movie.

James Franco

He’s Harry Osborn in the Spiderman movies. I decided to look for him after seeing him in the “tagalized” version of Spiderman which Porky was watching over the weekend. I was amazed upon learning that he is reported to have “an unusually high metabolism for productivity… a super human ability to focus.” I was impressed with his academic career, he re-enrolled in UCLA (he dropped after his freshman year to pursue acting) and was allowed to take 62 course credits per quarter (19 is the limit) while still acting here and there, and graduated with an English major degree in 2008. My jaws really dropped when I learned that he simultaneously attend graduate school in: Columbia University for a writing program, New York University for film making, Brooklyn College for fiction writing, and poetry in Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. And he doesn’t stop here, he is currently enrolled in Yale University working on his PhD and will also attend Rhode Island School of Design. Now, I want this metabolism thing too… so I can enroll in the University of London and earn my MA in Art History, MA in International and Comparative Legal Studies and MA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies, while learning the Flamenco and how to play the violin. J Yes, you did saw him in Eat, Pray, Love, he’s David, he’s also in that award-winning 2008 movie Milk and will appear in 127 Hours ( I don’t know if it was already shown in the US, but I heard news about it on radio this morning). And yes, yes, yes I am really impressed.

By the way, James was nominated for the 2011 Oscars for his film 127 Hours for Best Actor (the Oscars went to Colin Firth *another favorite* for his performance in the movie The King’s Speech). James also hosted the award ceremony with mix reviews from critics.

 I got their pictures from Google 🙂


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