Meet my Joe

Last post for the reminisce episode for this day. Here’s my Meet Joe post last December 11, 2010….

Meet Joseph “Joey” Mc Intyre, my long time high school pseudo boyfriend (me and other 40 blushing girls in our batch). ♥

Joey used to be the youngest member of the 90s ultimate boy band (please no violent reaction) and I just love him back in the days. Who wouldn’t, with his boy next door looks and so beautiful blue eyes and charming smile (obviously, I am so into him when I was still pimple free with my tin grin). I used to know his family (he’s the youngest, he got 1 brother and 8 sisters), they are from Boston and are Irish-American Catholic and even fancied marrying him. I used to sing all the NKOTB’s songs, memorized it and rewind it over and over, (yeah, it’s still the tape era) and I love Joey’s Please Don’t Go Girl. Yeah, I still have all my NKOTB tapes with me and some books and memorabilia, a clear and convincing evidence (should I say incriminating) that I was once hooked and so gaga over them, well, particularly to Joe.

I suddenly remembered him out of the blues this afternoon and decided to do some more stalking. I know that NKOTB had their reunion concert last summer and they just performed with Backstreet Boys (gasp!) last American Music Awards just this November 2010. Of course, Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber looked pale compared with my Joe. And yes, my bangs nearly curled when I heard that Bieber got more award than his mentor (and of course I do prefer) Usher, I think the world has gone berzek for one glorious minute and yes, my tween friends and godchildren almost “unfriend” me in FB when I commented that my ears bleeds when I hear JB. (hahaha!) Of course, there’s no comparison (and I can see my loyal friends nodding).

I think this is my payback time, when I hear JB’s songs (which are quite frequently in local FM radios), now I can so relate with my Mom. Yeah, Mom I hear you, if its♫Please don’t go girl♫ in the 90s, its ♪Baby, baby… oohhh♪ for Gila and we have a dance routine too. Sheez.

Well, back to my Joey, yes, he did appear in Boston Public (I still have to see that) and a number of movies and Broadway play. He’s the voice behind Stay the Same song in 1999 and appeared in the 2005 season of Dancing with the Stars. And yes, he is happily married with Barrett Williams and has two sons. Sheez, we lost contact eh, but he still looks good to me. Now, I think I will be looking for his 2009 single Here we Go Again. I wouldn’t say no to their concert, I was not allowed by my Mom to attend their concert here in Manila in 1992. I want to watch their reunion concert, somebody send me a plane ticket.

PS: I think the big framed Joey poster is still in the bodega (I think Dad is doubling it out as a plywood or something and can’t throw it because my Mom is being sentimental on my ex’s picture. Hahaha!) and I can’t find my NKOTB button pin. Yes, I still have what’s left of it. Hahaha!

Update from today, May 5, 2011

PS 2: This is the button pin. Yey!

PS 3: I told you the Joe framed/board poster is still around, but it’s in the bodega (storage room). It is visibly weather-beaten, but it is very much around. I really looked for it for this post *smiles*

The tag at the back of the wooden Joe’s frame. Please note that the shop has a 6 digit telephone number, today, Metro Manila landline phone has 7 digit number. I have to check if the store is still in business, well, I hope so. *smiles*


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