The Calvary Hill of Iguig

Approximately 16 km away from Tuguegarao City, the Calvary Hill of Iguig is a favorite pilgrimage site especially during Holy Week. It is set amidst a rolling hill overlooking the mighty Cagayan River. Life size replica of the fourteen station of the cross can be found on the 11 hectare terrain. The complex is also the home of the 18th century Church of Iguig (St. James Parish). The church and convent  were built between 1765-1787 by Dominican priest Father San Pedro. It is also listed as one of the country’s most notable churches, owe to it its concentric bricks and “unusual flying buttresses”

On Renovation 

This is what I am telling you about church renovations. I know, the parishioners and the parish priest mean well when they would like to renovate old historical structures like this church. Hopefully, the Catholic Church will take it upon them to consult Architects and Historians when they renovate the Church, after all, these churches serves as a testament to the country’s history.

Of flying buttresses

This brick stairways at the back of the Church. It used to be a path leading to the Cagayan River, which was a primary mode of transportation back in the days.  The flying buttresses can be seen from this side of the church. Below is the view of Cagayan River from the Hill.

Calvary Hill

The life-size Stations of the Cross are made of concrete and are approximately 30 meters apart. I am sad to inform you that during our visit, some of the statues are vandalized (presumably by the high school kids from the nearby school) and be careful of cow dung along the way.

St. Claire Monastery, Iguig

Karen brought us in the St. Clare Monastery right after the airport, it being a 10 minute drive from Tuguegarao City. The complex is a center for mediation and spiritual retreat. It is also a popular pilgrimage site in the province.


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