Visiting Piat

The town of Piat is Cagayan’s most popular pilgrimage site. It is the home of the Basilica Minore of Piat, the home of the iconic and miraculous Our Lady of Piat. The black  skinned image was brought by the Dominican priests from Macau. The image of the Blessed Mother is credited for many miracles ranging from saving Piat and its neighboring towns from famine and severe drought in the 17th century. Aside from this, devotees also attest to  being healed from sickness after praying to the Our Lady of Piat and there is the  miraculous intercession of the image saving the male population held hostage by Japanese army during World War II among many others.  For almost four centuries, the image of Our Lady of Piat continues to inspire its devotees through prayers and other spiritual activities, making it one of the most venerated image of the Blessed Mother in the Philippines.

The church was first built in 1623 and the current church was built in 1988. This brick façade church with its perpendicular buttresses and semi circular arched main entrance with its squared bell tower is also listed as one of the country’s most notable churches.

What is unique about this church is that you have to walk to the back of the church complex to enter the church. In front, you will be welcomed by an entrance arch.

The picture of the Our Lady of Piat is taken from For one reason or the other, I cannot take a good picture of the altar during our visit. The image was placed at the center of the altar.

Along the vicinity of the church you can find small carinderias which offer delicious local cuisines like Igado, Dininding and Dinacdacan

I also fell in love with the town’s Pawa, a sweet delicacy of Piat. Too bad, I am busy eating it and I forgot to take a picture. Here’s a photo from Ivan Heneres’ blog. Pawa was highlighted by me in the pink square.


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