Inside Callao Cave

Situated in Peñablanca, Cagayan, Callao Cave is one of the province’s most  favorite tourist destination. It is now named as the Callao Eco Tourism Zone, where you pay a minimal fee for a guided tour inside the cave. Yes, our tour guide speaks English fluently and gives highly informative pieces about the cave. You can also enjoy a boat ride along the beautiful Pinacanauan River.

To see the beautiful rock formation of the cave, you need to climb approximately 200 steps to reach it. Don’t worry, there is a hiking trail complete with hand rails. And I promise you, the climb is all worth it, with the scenic view of the Pinacanauan River and the cool breeze at the mouth of the cave.

Yes, that’s our tour guide, a highly informative adventure indeed. 🙂

Below are the places where the remains of Callao man was found. The remains were said to antedate the Tabon cave man of Palawan. A marker was placed where the remains were found.

There is also a chapel inside the cave, and masses were often held inside. Please bear with our pictures and my editing for this one. A better picture can be taken from a better/high-powered DLSR 😉 This chapel is one of the province’s main tourist attraction and often appear on tourism flyers for the region.

Here are the beautiful rock formation inside the cave and the beautiful sunlight passing through.

Sadly, some rocks were “victimized” by some inconsiderate creatures. But farther down the cave, you will be rewarded by sights like these:

It’s a fun and educational hiking trip indeed. Look at me and my friends 🙂


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