Winter of the Soul

I should say that I am highly infuriated by a so called friend this morning. I know she’s having the tough time lately and is not on a “lucid interval.” I know I should be extra patient with her, but at the rate things are going, I am actually loosing it. Imagine, sending you SMS at the dead of the night and when you reach out to talk to her, she apparently goes kaput. This has been going on for quite sometime now.  Two of my good friends told me to calm down and be more patient with this one. I know she’s having a hard time, here’s what I have to say and I will repeat it again before this day ends “If the going gets tough, bend but do not break. And do remember that going through the toughest of time do not give you the license to act like a big time biatchiness to other people and this does not give you the authority to take other people for granted.”

I know, to each his own, but when you come to a point in your life when you experience the so called “winter of the soul” show resiliency. Acknowledge your shortcomings, your fault, your mistakes, your heartaches, and the fact that things at times does not turn out the way we wanted it to be.  I will again say it, nothing starts easy, depression and denial will come at a point during these episodes. Yes, bend but do not break. There is a need to get back one more time and make amends with the past and reconcile it with the present. Acknowledge the fact that you need help from friends and even from professionals if there is a need to. Sought help, there’s nothing wrong with it, and if somebody reaches out, take it and be thankful for it. Do not simply disregard it by getting out of the picture and leave that friend out in the dark and worried sick.

And yes, when you’re down and out, there is no way but up and forward. It may take time, but its the only way to go.


*Photo taken by Cheen and some magic from me.  View of the Alps in Germany’s side.





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