Thoughts about 2011

We can all plan our lives in as much as we want to. But there will come a point in our lives that another path will open up, and it is a path you have least expected it to be. And when this path opens up, you will have to decide whether to take it or not. There are times life is smooth sailing and you’ll be great about it, however, there are also times when failure, disappointment and heartache will come along the way. These things are part and parcel of life and it is there to build character and to make the heart and mind stronger.

It has been a very memorable 2011 for me and what a year it was, I have realized that good and not so good times can come on you, and there are things that do not go the way as you planned it to be. And this is life at the fullest and it is all a part of the bigger scheme of things and of our so-called life itself. Rising up and moving forward is not as easy as I imagine it would be. When you’ve been down and out and been to and back again to a some form of hellish nightmare, all you can think is there is truly no way but up. There is a level of difficulty in moving up and forward with life. Dealing with it and facing it is the first way to be. Seeking help and acknowledging it definitely makes life a little bit easier. Most importantly, having a grateful heart does wonder to the soul indeed. Suffering from a major life changing scenario makes you appreciate the value of family and good friends all the more. Most importantly, I have once again learn to trust the power of prayers and leaving it to God’s better plans on what lies ahead.

My life did not go as I planned it to be at this very moment. I am weighing my options and praying so hard to be led to the path where I am meant to be. I know with hard work and positive attitude, I will be back in orbit. If there are important lessons I have learned from this chapter in my life it would be: Show resilience, yes, bend if you have to but do not break. Be patient with your progress and count your blessings with gratitude, and the only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart.

I am getting there again and after all I’ve been through the past couple of years, I’d like to think I did not do so badly. And yes, things could happen to the very best of us. Since it is a leap year this year, join me as I take a big leap of faith and walk forward to an amazing journey of this year and beyond. Cheers!

♥Photo was taken by my friend Cheen, in Bilbao, Spain in Autumn of 2010. It is perhaps my favorite photo taken by her. Yes, I enhanced it a little.


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