Cooking Attempts 1.0

For somebody who still wonder how she passed Home Ec class in high school, the attempt to cook something is a huge achievement. Yes, I am laughing out loud by the mere thought of me doing some cooking chores which transcends frying Spam or hot-dogs. I am not making a career change obviously, I have poor food styling technique and after several years, I still don’t have the flair of food decorating and I am simply content by eating and being a food tester. You can see some of my attempts last week to cook something from the cook book and I have proven several things namely:

1. I can get in touch with my domestic diva nature in the kitchen.

2. I am still overcoming the impulse to wash my fingers from the scent of garlic and onion while peeling them.

3. I have the semi to full obsessive compulsive nature of cutting the tomatoes, onion leeks, garlic and onions in almost the same size.

4. I don’t want to see a cluttered kitchen table, ergo, I am multi-tasking of cleaning the plates of the ingredients while waiting for the tomato sauce to simmer.

5. I can guarantee and clean kitchen.

6. More trial and error to come up with a picture perfect dish.

7. No matter how it taste, it’s either too much or none at all, the most important thing is I’ve tried and the family enjoyed it (or at least appeared to enjoy it. haha!)

Here are some of the attempts to cook, just smile, it looks fresh from a Home Ec class 🙂

It’s supposed to be grilled fish with stir fried bean curd. But it looks like a tofu (aka tokwa) festival with grilled fish. Haha!
 It’s supposed to be an Oriental Beef stir-fry and yes, it rained sesame seeds on this one and the cauliflowers were all upside down. Haha!
This is  supposed to be Beans Con Carne. I am not a fan of vegetables (Mums, your eyebrows please) and obviously, I only have three strings of beans to go with this and it looks like Giniling (ground pork) in tomato sauce with several beans. Haha! :p
Pork with (a few) bean sprouts. :p
This was our Sunday lunch (3-25-2012) it’s Tanigue Korean Barbecue and Ginisang Togue (sautéed bean sprouts with tomatoes)
And yes, it’s a big improvement from these set of menu. 😉
The corned beef combo (with plugging, haha!)
The Spam with Egg combo
And yes, I am sure, my Dad is having a laughing fits in the heavens above. And speaking of, I do miss his cooking like these:
The Adobo 🙂
Sweet and Sour Fish (Tilapia)
As they say, practice makes perfect and if all else fails, you can always dial your local fast food delivery store 🙂

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