Acts of Kindness

Last Tuesday, the 8th of May was an ordinary day turned extra ordinary by the people I met along the way. I did my errand without much hassle and of course the high-light of the day was meeting nice people. Since my errand was near some Churches, I decided to bring my camera and took some pictures. I was able to photograph two churches (and left two more, which I will definitely come back for after arranging my erratic schedule) and I will be sharing them on the next two posts after this. Yes, I do enjoy visiting old churches for all intents and purposes. (haha!) I enjoy visiting them, because, they are among the few structures here in Metro Manila (and in the Philippines) where one can travel back in time and marvel at the town or the church’s history. But sadly, some are renovated or rebuilt and lost its former grandeur (for some pressing issues about these renovations you can visit Ivan Henares’ blog post concerning this topic, which is enlightening). Additionally, these churches exude an aura of beauty and artistry which actually makes me think how God gifted these people with such talents. Also, it is also an ideal place to say thank you for all the blessings I have received.

What makes May 8 special was the fact that I met kind-hearted people as I go on my first leg  (of many, I presumed) of sharing the churches I have visited. I am particularly touched by the kindness of the church helpers at St. Joseph Parish in Tambo, Parañaque (sadly, I didn’t get their names) where they accommodate me while I look around and Manang Smile narrated the parish priests of their church and I am highly impressed. I am touched when Manang opened the Adoration Chapel for me to let me say my prayers. On my next stop, I visited the hundred years old church of the United Methodist Church in Tambo, Parañaque. I was accommodated by the church’s secretary, Ate Annie  and Pastor Philip Santos made me cry when he prayed over me. I can feel the power of his prayers and I am so thankful for it. Yes, I promised the good Pastor that I will send him copies of the pictures through email.

It has been a wonderful day indeed. I will be posting these churches and some of the other churches which I have visited for the past five years or so. And yes, I intend to visit and revisit some more this year. And as the tarpaulin in the Martyrs Church (United Methodist Church ) have said “Reaffirming the fire of  our Faith” and if this is faith, yes, I have it and I always will.


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