Watching the Avengers


Finally, after days of putting off the trip to the nearest cinema for all the valid and flimsy excuses, my brother and I finally caught the movie The Avengers. I enjoyed the movie with its action packed sequences and the amazing visual graphics and uber high-tech gadgets. Of course not to forget that I am so crushing on Iron Man (aka Robert Downey, Jr) since I was still in high school (since the last century) and of course, Captain America (aka Chris Evans) is one of my so called eye candy, which left me torn between Iron Man and Captain America. Haha! And yes, I remembered these pictures taken by my Dad during our last Christmas shopping trip in 2010. It always made me smile knowing that I have an equally kulit father who even suggested that I pose with Thor, of course, I only want a picture with Iron Man. And after snapping these photos from his phone, some of the shoppers followed the suit. Haha! And yes, I am convincing anyone who will listen that it is indeed Robert Downey in that costume. 🙂 Happy Thursday everyone!


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