Hello October


I’ve been saying hello to my favorite month of the year just this morning and as I am writing this, the clock strikes 11:22 PM. It’s almost midnight and the first day of October is about to end and I’ve been prodding myself to write something for my blog, since the last post I made was May 13th. I am as always, busy with my domestic diva duties and perhaps the major improvement of my so called existence was that I welcomed September with a big smile and deciding once and for all to have my well-deserved “me time” from September till the end of the year. I will be posting my thoughts about it in the next blog posts. I promised to myself that I will try to update my blog as much as I could, as I juggle between the domestic diva duties, Halloween, Christmas and New Year celebrations and of me reading my stalagmite (or stalactite) of books in my room.


I’ve been listing ideas in my pink notebook and in my phone for just about anything that I would post here. I hope to accomplish it as much as I could and share whatever it is that is going inside my so called head. For now, I simply would like to say Hello to October, and yes, I was able to write this short post and I also would like to say my big thank you to September for making my own “Happiness Project” a success.


And yes, before October ends, I am sooo qualified to run for a Senate seat in the 2013 election. But then again, one of my life’s ironies is: I am a Political Science major and is keeping my nose as far as I could from politics. But admittedly I do enjoy reading and giving my two cents worth of thoughts about politics, its characters and the interests that may or may not lie therein.


Hello October, I am looking forward to all the brighter things to come. And pardon me if I am dodging some “dramarama” people today, I just don’t want to ruin the vibe of this lovely day.







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