National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

lourdes8 copy

lourdes4 copy

The Lourdes Church and Convent was established by the Franciscan Capuchin Friar in 1891. The church used to be in Intramuros in the 19th century until it was destroyed during World War II in 1945. According to the website of the Diocese of Cubao, there was an initiative to establish a parish on Retiro St. in Quezon City in 1941, spearheaded by the Capuchins to the Archbishop of Manila. A decree was issued on March 28, 1942 to establish Sta. Teresita del Niño Jesus Parish; however the church construction was delayed because of World War II. The image of Our Lady of Lourdes traveled from one place to another during the war to keep it safe and it stayed for a long time in the Sta. Teresita Chapel in Mayon Street. Finally, on February 10, 1951, the image was brought back to Sta. Teresita Parish on Retiro St, and later the parish was renamed Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Fast forward to 1997, in celebration of the Parish’s forty-fifth anniversary, the Our Lady of Lourdes was declared a National Shrine. The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes is located at Kanlaon St. corner N.S. Amoranto Ave. (formerly Retiro St.) Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City. It celebrates its feast day every February 11. There are everyday masses and special devotions are also held in the Parish.

lourdes copy

This is the first permanent house of the Franciscan in Capuchin Friar in 1891. The church was designed by Federico Soler. The Church and convent was destroyed in 1945 and it was moved in its present site in Kanlaon cor Retiro Streets in Quezon City in 1951.

lourdes 2

This is the original site of the Lourdes Church and Convent. It is now the place of Silahis Arts and Crafts, and Illustrados.

OL Lourdes

This is the locally carved Lourdes image made by Manuel Flores. It was originally carved for the church’s garden grotto and was subsequently transferred inside the Lourdes Church in Intramuros. In 1893, The Confraternity of Lourdes was established because of the miraculous image and a large number of devotees. The church was gutted by fire during World War II, but the statute of the Our Lady of Lourdes was left unharmed. (Photo from the Lourdes Church QC Facebook Page. I was not able to take picture of the image up close, out of respect to the devotees who are praying on upper chamber near the statute)

lourdes3 copy

The original statute of the Our Lady of Lourdes was the carved by Filipino sculptor Manuel Flores in 1892.

lourdes2 copy

This is the main altar, viewed from the church’s entrance. The side altar also have part of the stone grotto from Lourdes, France where Our Lady appeared before St. Bernadette.

lourdes1 copy

I was fortunate to attend the first Saturday mass last December 1 and was touched by the priest’s homily about healing.

Below are the pictures of the church’s facade.

lourdes7 copy

lourdes5 copy

lourdes6 copy

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of the charming structures around the church.

lourdes9 copy

This structure stands right in front the church’s main entrance.

lourdes11 copy

Street scene across the church. Saleng told me they have yummy bibingkas along the street all year long. 🙂 (PS: never mind the tarp)


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