Saying Thank You

thank you1

* Maraming Salamat (Filipino)* Thank you (English) *Gracias (Spanish)* Obrigado (Portuguese) Danke (German)* Grazie (Italian)*Merci (French)* *terima kasih (Malay)* teşekkür ederim (Turkish)*cam on ban (Vietnamese)*Okun Charan (Khmer)* ขอขอบคุณคุณ (Thai)* शुक्रिया (Hindi)*شكرا (Arabic)*

Saying thank you is perhaps one of the most beautiful things in the world. It evokes sincerity and fills your heart with over-flowing gratitude and warmth that you can hardly explain how it feels. Well, it simply feels good. And I have to agree with Sister Karol in her Book of Spells and Blessings when she says that thank you is a prayer in itself, because you bless the person you’re saying thank you to.

It took me by surprise when someone asked me to write her own thank you speech for her birthday. I go like, “What?” She gave me her what I think is a flimsy reason that she is not a writer, blah, blah thing and I am more adept in writing. I am restraining my eyes to roll backward and thanks to what we call composure, I nearly fell from my seat when she even sends her specification about the speech. As in ohemgee! Anyway, in the spirit of the season, I obliged and sent it to her just this morning. She sent her thanks and even told me that she was moved and touched by the speech.

Before I started the so-called speech this morning, it just occur to me that yes, people like politicians, dignitaries and even some celebrities have speech writers to write them speech. Well, after all they’re entitled to a so-called “communication officer” but when one delivers it should be filled with sincerity and at the least, these “high-profile” personalities should be briefed about the speech to make them knowledgeable and doesn’t look goofy on stage. But with the rest of us, who lives in our ordinary day-to-day existence, having a thank you speech is easy to do, especially if the occasion is close to your heart, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like. It is easy to say thank you if it comes from the heart and it is filled with sincerity.

I just hope that she can deliver it well on her birthday, knowing that I hardly know what she’s been through and knowing that at times, she may lack the “naturalness” to say it, because somebody is saying thank you for her behalf. And yes, all I can do is sigh.

Say thank you whenever you have the chance to say it. Believe me, it definitely warms the heart and uplifts the soul when thank you comes from your heart and you will say it personally.

Picture from I placed the thank you words on it. Thank you words in different languages from Google Translate


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