It’s the merry month of May

Hello there!

It’s been over a year since I last posted something in my little corner in the internet through this blog. Nothing much has happened, it has been a continuous stalemate (for lack of word to describe my current state of person), save for holiday preparations and some minor stress caused by both significant and insignificant people who comes and go in my life.

Project Purple1

Since February of this year, I have set up a private blog, for my own personal musings akin to an online diary and mainly for personal consumption only. It should not be confused with my blog posts on old churches, old houses and everything in between. I will really try harder to post the churches I have visited this year (some new and some revisited) and the long overdue temples of the Angkor complex in Siem Reap among many others.

You will notice that pictures which were taken by me and subsequently posted in this blog page will be water marked Project Purple. It is my so-called project for this year as I journey and hack my life and simply moving on forward. Additionally, save for quite a number of my old Siem Reap photos which will be posted here, most of them were water-marked “iamjoannroyal.wordpress” since I made it before my Project Purple, but was not able to post it on time.

hello may-pp

Hello May! Hello my old blog! Hello again.

By the way, that is the locally grown dama de noche flower from my neighbor’s garden.


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