Lumban Church

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Lumban or Lumbang was once the center of the Roman Catholic missionary activities in the province of Laguna. In 1578, Franciscan Father Juan de Plasencia built the first church of Lumban made of wood and thatch. After it was destroyed by fire, a stone church was built and completed in the 1600, making it the first stone church in the whole of Laguna. A rest house for sick Franciscan missionaries was also maintained in the church’s compound from 1606 to 1618. A regional school was also built by Father Juan de Santa Maria where 400 boys were taught liturgical hymns and how to play musical instruments.


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The church was badly damaged by the July 18, 1880 earthquake. By 1889, the church was provisionally repaired and the sacristy was restored. The church is an example of an early renaissance façade and its three-storey bell tower has a pointed roof. The Church of Lumban is under the patronship of St. Sebastian the Martyr.

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