Magdalena Church

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The town of Magdalena, Laguna is a delightful discovery. We have reached the town at sunset and it is such a sight to behold. There is this old town charm and the laid-back feel at the town plaza. I am impressed with the width of the town center, its green surrounding, the nearby playground and the ever smiling and helpful residents. This pleasant town is the home of the St. Mary Magdalene Church, the Emilio Jacinto Shrine and beautiful old houses among others.

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The church was built in 1829 using forced labor. It has a sandstone façade and the hexagonal bell tower was built in 1861. The nearby convent was built in 1871-1872. There is also a white pulpit inside the church. You can hardly see it in my pictures because it was over-shadowed by a carrosa near it. I was not able to take a closer picture, because the 6PM Maundy Thursday mass was about to start.

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The Emilio Jacinto shrine is located on the way to the second floor, to what I suppose lead to the sacristy. I took the staircase as pointed out by the kind lady. I was looking for a glass case on the brick steps which was supposed to hold Jacinto’s bloodstains. What I saw was a marker with his supposed to be bolo and hat. Jacinto was brought to the church after he was mortally wounded on a battle against the Spaniards at the Maimpis River on February 1898. I wander on my own on the second floor looking for the Jacinto relic. And I just have to go down, since I landed on a veranda, which I think, I am not suppose to be there. So I went down, because I have no intention of meeting Emilio Jacinto personally.

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I am equally amazed by the size and the space of the town plaza. It complements the massive structure of the church, and the Town Hall is one of the nicest I have seen.

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