Padre Faura Mall Entrance

I have been fascinated by the lives and the picturesque view of Manila, after all it has been called “Pearl of the Orient” before World War II. Some parts have been rebuild after the war, and the city enjoys glorious days till the seventies, long before being tagged as the red light district, the traffic congestion and the lack of urban planning which we all can see right now.

I have read materials about the celebrated years of Manila, days of big houses, beautiful gardens, less to no pollution, when Manila Bay was not yet reclaimed and when the streets of the Ermita and Malate districts were US states. I know that the Ateneo de Manila School was transferred in Padre Faura Street from Intramuros and I know that a marker was placed on its previous location.



One Sunday afternoon, while waiting to be picked up by my friend in the entrance of the Padre Faura wing of Robinson’s Manila, I took these two pictures. The marker commemorates the erstwhile location of Ateneo de Manila (from 1932-1976) before it was transferred to its present location in Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. On the other hand, the other marker was donated by various Ateneo de Manila graduates. Aside from Ateneo, the area was also the home of the Manila Observatory and the Jesuit San Jose Seminary. In 1936, the Ateneo Law School was also founded in the same compound.

I hope Assumption College which used to occupy the mall’s Pedro Gil/Midtown vicinity will also set up its marker. Saint Paul College still stands on its Manila campus in Pedro Gil Street (then called Calle Herran).




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