About Joann

about1Hello from the Philippines!

I am Joann and this is my little corner in cyberspace.

I enjoy reading, eating chocolates and going around. I like old houses and old churches and still hope for the rebirth of Manila, the city of my affection. This means, you will often see posts about old churches, houses and the reality of Manila and its neighboring cities.

I love books, chocolates, coke, cake and coffee. Expect some books posts from me, which ranges from just about anything— the classics, history books, chick- lit, children’s books. But lately, I am interested in re-discovering Philippine history during the American period to World War II, and I am currently enjoying the young-adult genre too.

I am an affectionate Ninang (god-mother) to GL and Ynah and a doting pet-mum to my forever puppy boy Kobie. So you can expect a once in a while musing about these adorable cuties. You can also expect some of my “back-track” wanderings, which should have been posted here 3-4 years ago and some personal musings too.

I am a self-confessed usi (a Filipino term for “usisero” or enjoys looking around or being a kibitzer on just about anything and everything that comes between interesting, absurd and showbitzy.) I am usually a couch potato who always summons the will power to do some exercise, other than walking towards the refrigerator or the cookie jar.

As I always say… Live ♥ Love ♥ Laugh and I think that is all that matters.

See you around.

(Updated, Araw ng Kagitingan 2015)


4 thoughts on “About Joann

  1. green herbs says:

    hi thanks for sharing your side trip in kiangan ifugao..i visited the place for just a night so was not able to see the places you’ve been to..i enjoyed the peaceful night with the sound of the crickets and the scenery early morning..from the veranda i could see the yellow green rice terraces and the mountains fall of trees..what a blessing to be able to see a mountain so fall of trees..ours i mean in our place it’s so sad that there are no more trees…rivers where we used to swim are now dirty and no enough water during the summer.

    • joann says:

      Hi! I am so sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been checking my blog for the longest time. I hope you’re able to use the church photo. Thank you for dropping by and for being so nice to ask my permission, regarding the photo. Regards.

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