Stop-over in Bontoc

We passed by the charming little town of Bontoc en route to Sagada from Banaue. It is an hour ride from Banaue, and it is from here that one can take the three-hour road trip going to Sagada. Bontoc is the capital town of Mountain Province and was aptly described by its website ( located at the heart of the Cordillera Range. Though we just passed by the town, you can’t help but have that affection for its rustic appeal and relaxed ambience.

En route to Bontoc

The mountain side of Ifugao Province and Mountain Province. Somebody from the DENR? (Mr. Secretary can you do something about these minerals? I am afraid of landslide and I am sure our friends from here are more afraid than we do.)

Mountain Side

The mountain side of the endless zigzag road is truly rich with limestones and other minerals. If the pictures were a little bit hazy, please bear with me as I took most of the pictures while the jeepney is moving. 🙂

A portion of the zigzag which is mostly rough roads like this. I just happen to snap a picture on one of the endless curves.

Near zero visibility 

We had experience an almost near zero visibility on the border of the Ifugao and Mountain Province. Our ride has to stop for around 10 minutes or so before we continue our journey going to Bontoc.

To have something to do, we took some pictures with the market stall along the road.

Bay-Yo Rice Terraces View Deck

The view deck as you can see is in the state of a higher degree of shabbiness and near extinction. I just hope that somebody from the local government in cooperation with the Department of Tourism will do something about this. It would be wonderful to stop over, but with a building like this, you’ll be more cautious of the falling debris rather than falling from the cliff.

The Bay-Yo Rice Terraces up close

Rice terraces, Bondoc style

Bontoc Mountains

Do not tell my Mom that I am literally dangling out of the jeepney window to take these pictures. 🙂 (Mom told me to keep my hands inside the vehicle.)

Mountain, fog, early morning, rice terraces, ziagzag road and one usi person= this picture. 🙂

Bontoc from the road

After an hour of zigzag road, this bridge welcomes you to downtown Bontoc.

While waiting for the next jeepney ride going to Sagada, I saw these interesting buildings.

The nearest thing to a log cabin

A charming house

The All Saints Mission Elementary School in Bontoc

The jeepney terminal.

I am inside the jeep going to Sagada. I enjoyed my almost one hour stop over in Bontoc.