10 Most Amazing Hidden Sites in the World

I have found this article from Huffington Post which compiles pictures of the Most Amazing Hidden Sites in the World.

The articles listed these beautiful hidden sites:

  1. Dashur, Egypt
  2. Crypte Archeologique in Paris
  3. Great Wall of China – Mutianyu section
  4. Kerameikos in Greece
  5. Perperikon in Bulgaria
  6. The Yeha Temple in Ethiopia
  7. Qatna Archaeological Park in Syria
  8. Qasr Bashir in Jordan
  9. Yagul in Mexico
  10. Leukaspis in Egypt

25 Good Manners for Children and Adults can learn from it too

I have read this during the Mother’s Day celebration last May 8, but it is only now that I was able to write it down here. Read on the 25 Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9.

David Lowry, Ph.D. lists them down:

Manner #1
When asking for something, say “Please.” 

Manner #2
When receiving something, say “Thank you.”

Manner #3

Do not interrupt grown-ups who are speaking with each other unless there is an emergency. They will notice you and respond when they are finished talking.

Manner #4

If you do need to get somebody’s attention right away, the phrase “excuse me” is the most polite way for you to enter the conversation.

Manner #5

When you have any doubt about doing something, ask permission first. It can save you from many hours of grief later.

Manner #6

The world is not interested in what you dislike. Keep negative opinions to yourself, or between you and your friends, and out of earshot of adults.

Manner #7

Do not comment on other people’s physical characteristics unless, of course, it’s to compliment them, which is always welcome.

Manner #8

When people ask you how you are, tell them and then ask them how they are.

Manner #9

When you have spent time at your friend’s house, remember to thank his or her parents for having you over and for the good time you had.

Manner #10

Knock on closed doors — and wait to see if there’s a response — before entering.

Manner #11

When you make a phone call, introduce yourself first and then ask if you can speak with the person you are calling.

Manner #12

Be appreciative and say “thank you” for any gift you receive. In the age of e-mail, a handwritten thank-you note can have a powerful effect.

Manner #13

Never use foul language in front of adults. Grown-ups already know all those words, and they find them boring and unpleasant.

Manner #14

Don’t call people mean names.

Manner #15

Do not make fun of anyone for any reason. Teasing shows others you are weak, and ganging up on someone else is cruel.

Manner #16

Even if a play or an assembly is boring, sit through it quietly and pretend that you are interested. The performers and presenters are doing their best.

Manner #17

If you bump into somebody, immediately say “Excuse me.”

Manner #18

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and don’t pick your nose in public.

Manner #19

As you walk through a door, look to see if you can hold it open for someone else.

Manner #20

If you come across a parent, a teacher, or a neighbor working on something, ask if you can help. If they say “yes,” do so — you may learn something new.

Manner #21

When an adult asks you for a favor, do it without grumbling and with a smile.

Manner #22

When someone helps you, say “thank you.” That person will likely want to help you again. This is especially true with teachers!

Manner #23

Use eating utensils properly. If you are unsure how to do so, ask your parents to teach you or watch what adults do.

Manner #24

Keep a napkin on your lap; use it to wipe your mouth when necessary.

Manner #25

Don’t reach for things at the table; ask to have them passed.

And we adults can also refresh our memories on these good manners. (where sadly, some adults tend to forget.)

13 Beauty Lessons from Mom

Allure Magazine listed 13 Beauty Lessons Mom Was Right About. So for ladies out there, come to think of it, once in our lives we’ve heard our moms say one of these endearing advises. And admittedly, when we’re still younger, we tend to ignore it (well, perhaps we still ignore or laugh about it right now.) Yes, I am guilty of not following numbers 11 (I only eat selected vegetables),  and 12 ( I am a full pledged couch potato, but then again, I might reconsider it, since I am gaining big love handles on the tummy part, no matter how hard I deny that it’s baby fats. Hahaha!) Recently, I am quite guilty of picking my skin, because it’s when I turned a lot older (instead of during the puberty age), I have bouts with pimples once in a while, as in big 1 or 2 pimples which I don’t have during my teens. Yes, I got it, stop picking at your skin.

  1. Junk food will ruin your skin
  2. If you keep making that face, it’ll freeze that way
  3. Don’t ever let me catch you smoking
  4. Get your hair out of your face
  5. Don’t bite your nails
  6. Stop picking at your skin
  7. It’s past your bed time
  8. Sit like a lady
  9. Get off the phone
  10. Always wash your face before you go to bed
  11. Eat your vegetables
  12. Turn off the TV and get some exercise
  13. Don’t rub your eyes

10 of the World’s Best Ruins

Another interesting list from Yahoo Travel, especially if you’re into history and architecture. Travel writer Christine Sarkis lists the World’s Best Ruins

Here’s 10 of the World’s Best Ruins

  1. Machu, Picchu in Peru
  2. Acropolis in Greece
  3. Mesa Verde in the United States
  4. Angkor in Cambodia
  5. The Great Pyramids and Memphis in Egypt
  6. Tikal in Guatemala
  7. Petra in Jordan
  8. Colosseum in Italy
  9. The Great Wall of China
  10. Palmyra in Syria

10 of the World’s Prettiest Places

Yahoo listed 10 of the World’s Prettiest Places which includes natural wonders and places of historical significance.

  1. Plitvice Lake National Park in Croatia
  2. Taj Mahal in India
  3. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  4. Borobudur in Indonesia
  5. Grand Canyon in the US
  6. The Palace of Versailles in France
  7. Machu Picchu in Peru
  8. The Great Temple of Ramses II in Egypt
  9. The Great Wall in China
  10. The Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle

For the complete description and pictures visit Yahoo Travel and read the article entitled: World’s Prettiest Places by Jada A. Graves

9 Little Known Man-Made Wonders

Here’s another interesting list from Yahoo Travel.


Sichuan, China

A Buddha so large it took 90 years to build

Karelia, Russia

An open-air museum of elaborate wooden churches

Lalibela, Ethiopia

Medieval churches made out of volcanic red rock

Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia

Cambodia’s oldest temple complex

Malta and Gozo

World’s oldest freestanding monuments

Choquequirao, Peru

The truly lost Incan city

Isfahan, Iran

An unexpected royal city

El Mirador, Guatemala

A Mayan complex that’s still unearthing marvels

Lucknow, India

A gravity-defying palace

Little-Known Man-Made Wonders of the World

By Ratha Tep