10 Tiny Countries that Pack a Big Punch

I am in the mood for posting one more list today. Here’s another blog post from Lonely Planet about tiny countries that has their fair share of visitors and amazing places worth visiting.

  1. Monaco, 1.95 sq km
  2. Grenada, 344 sq km
  3. Malta, 316 sq km
  4. San Marino, 61 sq km
  5. Liechtenstein, 160 sq km
  6. Marshall Islands, 181 sq km
  7. Saint Kitts & Nevis, 261 sq km
  8. Maldives, 298 sq km
  9. Tuvalu, 26 sq km
  10. Nauru, 21 sq km

I have added 3 more micro-states in Western Europe which used to be a part of a political landscape of the past.

Vatican City, 0.44 sq km

It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. It is the last of the Papal States. Many visitors visit it annually, both pilgrims and art and history enthusiasts.

Andorra, 467.63 sq. km

This tiny country is situated between France and Spain. Andorrans are engaged in duty free sales of perfumes and automobile among others.

Gibraltar, 6.8 sq km

It has an almost complete internal self government through its Parliament. It has been an important British military base since 1713. The base guards the safe passage of British Ships en route the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Tiny countries that pack a big punch

Mar 10, 2011



10 Places of Myths and Legends

Here’s another interesting list from Lonely Planet.

Ten Places of Myths and Legends.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania
  2. El Dorado, Colombia
  3. Valley of the Kings, Egypt
  4. Ys, France
  5. Troy, Turkey
  6. Karakorum, Mongolia
  7. Carthage, Tunisia
  8. Timbuktu, Mali
  9. Avalon, England
  10. Shambhala, Tibet


February 21, 2011

10 Places that Don’t Exist

I found this list in the website of Lonely Planet and I can relate to some of these places, having read some of the books in the list and having watched movie tie up for the books.

  1. Middle Earth (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings)
  2. Oz (Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)
  3. Brigadoon (book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe)
  4. Atlantis
  5. Camelot (King Arthur’s famed castle)
  6. Wonderland (Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
  7. Neverland (Peter Pan’s)
  8. El Dorado
  9. Narnia (C.S. Lewis’ Chronicle of Narnia books, there are 7)
  10. Hundred Acre Wood (A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books)

10 places that don’t exist (but should)

Venessa Paech


Scariest Places in Metro Manila

Kudos to Carlos Celdran 🙂 Visit this webiste for Carlos Celdran’s full article and the spots’ pictures


It is a good read and informative. Here’s my additional note about the places mentioned.

Carlos Celdran’s List with my comments in Italics.

1. St. Pancratius Chapel in La Loma Cemetery

Any takers, let’s visit St. Pancratius Chapel in La Loma, I haven’t seen the place.

2. 5/F PNB Building on Roxas Boulevard

5/F PNB Bldg: This is new information to me (at least)

I have learned from the “Ang Pinaka” TV show of GMA News TV (March 13, 2011 episode and listed down below) that it used to be a morgue for the fire victims of the Regent Hotel.

3. The Ruins of St. Ignatius Church at the former Ateneo de Manila in Intramuros

Ruins of St. Ignatius Church in Intramuros is okay with me. More of nag-hihinayang ako (It was more of a disappointment) because it was not re-constructed to its former glory. We accidentally discovered it 3 summers ago. Cheen and I thought it was a warehouse.

4. Manila Film Center

Manila Film Center… No Need to ask Why? Perhaps it became an urban legend. I am still persuading my friend Anna to go with me and watch a play here. She doesn’t want to, because she feels goose bumps  just by mere mention of the place.

5. The former Silahis International Hotel/Grand Boulevard Hotel

Yes, it was closed due to Real Property Tax problems. The hotel lobby is dark and eerie when I visited the place before it was closed and it smelled like old aparador. (cabinet) The nearby vacant lot and old apartment buildings beside the hotel along MH del Pilar St. are also eerie. I don’t know if the old apartment buildings still have tenants, but the building itself will show you its former grandeur, but due to lack of maintenance as most of the buildings in Manila, it is left to almost a near extinction.

 This hotel is so memorable to my friend Ay, because of her upset stomach sometime in 2006. Hahaha!

 6. Paco Park

Of course it used to be a cemetery and the big trees add to its mystique. The chapel is eerie, it has a mausoleum feel. I hope the park can still be maintained. By the way, the chapel inside Paco Park is also named after St. Pancratius. Another info, St. Pancratius is also a patron saint for cancer patients.

7. The Crypts of San Agustin Church

 Ikaw na pumasok sa high ceiling na apartment ng mga kung sino-sinong someone in history. While you’re in the vicinity, visit the Manila Cathedral Catacomb, ayun, ang mga prayle at Obispo ng Manynila, nakahimlay don. (You will feel the eeriness of the place due to the fact that the niche are as high as the ceiling and you can see names which figure out in Philippine History. While you are in the vicinity, you can also visit the catacomb of the Manila Cathedral, where the Bishops of Manila and other priests were laid to rest.)

8. Mehan Garden

Carlos’ description is so informative… I didn’t know that Mehan is John C. Mehan, a park superintendent and the place witnessed the massacre of 24,000 Chinese people in 1603. I am not sure, if this was the Parian (Chinese Quarters) mentioned in Museong Pambata: ”The first Parian was in Manila where the Central Bank now stands. When the area was destroyed by fire, it was moved to the east side of Manila near the City Hall.” If my left and right hand direction is correct, Mehan garden is on the right side of the road if you are Quiapo bound…. Hmmmm. And I have to agree with Carlos, the living will scare you right there and then, even in the morning. It does scared me off my skin when I passed by that area around late afternoon on my way to class, because the livings were on their “tambay’ (stand-by) mode and one couple were even making out in full public view. I tell you, I nearly run, except that my bag is quite heavy, but I am sure, I walked fastest.

While still in the vicinity, Manila City Hall (is also listed in Ang Pinaka” TV show of GMA News TV, March 13, 2011 episode)  is eerie also, according to the Halloween special I’ve watched a few years back, the structure is coffin like and it has oh so many sightings. Calling Jose (used to work in the Manila City Hall) my friend, you can be our tour guide.

9. Museo ng Maynila

It is near the Museo Pambata en route to Pantalan and Manila Ocean Park. It is a beautiful building indeed, its former grandiose can be seen along the walkway. Last October of 2010, I called the number of the Museum and was surprised when I was answered by “Museo ng Maynila Detachment” it means that it is now used as an outpost for the City Hall Security Unit (pulis pangkalawakan for me) and other security personnel. I was referred to call the Museo ng Maynila Administrator to ask for a recommendation letter, since I inquired if I can take pictures of the establishment for my personal use. I learned from the lovely and polite Cary (yes, nag-ka-amuyan kami! nahilo ako sa voice nya) that I have to secure a permit before I can enter the premises, because the building is now condemned (hays!) and my letter (as usual) will take about a week to be processed because, it has to be approved by the OIC for schedule and the Secretary to the Mayor. The letter can be faxed to their office and I can leave my contact details. Good thing that Cary is friendly and knows his job. He even informed me  that the museum was closed since last year and the museum pieces were kept somewhere out there and their priority project is the conservation (of what was left of it) of the Metropolitan Theater.

I also caught a glimpse of the “Misteryo” TV show of GMA 7 (I forgot what Saturday episode) where they conducted paranormal activities in the place. It scares the bleep out of me that I turned off the TV.

10. Corregidor Island

Need I say more…. It is so eerie inside the Malinta Tunnel, I experienced difficulty in breathing while the lights and sounds show was going on. Cheen told me that I could feel the spirits in the place which is the reason why it is only me who cannot breathe normally inside (Takutin ako de ba?! She scared me!)

Ang Pinaka’s 10 Scariest Places in Metro Manila

March 13, 2011 Episode

(Note: their blog was last updated on October 10, 2010)

1. Crypts of San Agustin Church

2. Ozone Disco

A fire gutted the Disco in 1996 owe to its poor structural design and lack of safety precautions, many died during the incident and some survivors suffered burns which caused permanent physical infirmity.

3. Manila Film Center

4. Manila City Hall

5. Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City

Scary because of the White Lady tales which were told by drivers passing along that street.

6. Paco Park

7. San Pancratius Chapel, La Loma Cemetery

8. Museo ng Maynila

9. 5th Floor PNB Building, Roxas boulevard

10. Fort Santiago in Intramuros

10 Lost Cities of the World

I found this link on my friend’s FB wall. It’s about the 10 Lost Cities which were cradles of civilization of the ancient times. It is truly amazing and interesting.

  1. Petra, Jordan
  2. Chichen Itza, Mexico
  3. Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey
  4. Machu Picchu, Peru
  5. Angkor, Cambodia
  6. Pre-Roman Carthage, Tunisia
  7. Pompeii, Italy
  8. Memphis, Egypt
  9. Teotihuacan, Mexico
  10. Mosque City of Bagerhat, Bangladesh

10 Lost Cities Of The World

These ancient wonders are well worth a visit, even in troubled times. 

By Morgan Brennan 



I am fond of listing things in order to remember the things that I need to do or I need to attend to. My lists help me organize my day, especially when things are piling up. My lists are also reminders of something interesting which caught my attention.

Just this afternoon, I found at least 3 lists in my yellow pad about some topics which caught my attention while watching TV last March. It is interesting enough for me to write it down and even post it here. Then I also saw a friend posted on his FB wall a link about lost cities in the world (I will be posting that too). This also reminds me that I myself have a file about places which I think are interesting.

This means, I will be reposting some of the lists which caught my attention and expect a once in a while blog post of this nature. I will be attaching the link (if there is one) for the full article.